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Alabaster Teen Council Application

Mission Statement:

The mission of Alabaster Teen Council is to provide Alabaster youth an opportunity to impact the community while learning about local government, and to create active and informed teenage citizens.

The purpose of the Teen Council is to:

  • Create an informed group of students who are familiar with municipal issues
  • Develop lasting relationships between students and City leaders
  • Sustain youth presence in a broad range of impact and decision-making areas across the community
  • Develop future civic leaders
  • Organize events for community teens


Grades 9-11 representing Thompson, Kingwood, and Evangel High Schools and Community Home Schools

To apply for a position on the Alabaster Teen Council, complete the information below and attach two supplementary items:

  1. A letter of reference from a Teacher, Principal, Activities Director, or Work Supervisor
  2. A short essay about what you believe leadership is or should be or what type of contribution you would like to make in being a member of the Teen Council (no more than 250 words)
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In consideration of the City of Alabaster, permitting my child to participate as a volunteer in the Alabaster Teen Council and its associated activities, I acknowledge and agree to the following: (1) I represent that my child is in satisfactory physical and mental health, physically/mentally able to engage in volunteer work, and is not a danger to themselves or others, (2) I am aware that I will be held liable for any misconduct or behavior or unlawful activity that my child may engage in while in a volunteer status with the City of Alabaster.

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Alabaster Teen Council Applicant Questionaire